Altphotos (3558 Public Domain Photos)

We very much like the quality of the photos on the Altphotos website.  However, there is no indication of who authored these photos and/or how they were obtained.  That always makes us feel a bit uneasy as it makes it harder to confirm the authenticity of the licensing. – Public Domain Photos

This site’s name, CC0, is telling, as it’s a reference to the Creative Common 0 license, which is the most unrestricted license possible (public domain).

Their website contains the photos of one person and two of their relatives.  It’s not the largest collection out there, but it has nice photos and is well worth a visit.  Thank you to Raffael Herrmann et. al. for releasing their work into the public domain.


Looking for free stock photos and videos used to be a pain.  There were a few small places that had limited collections but good luck finding what you needed.  Thankfully the landscape has changed and we now have larger collections available.  Of all the sites that offer free photos and videos, I know of none easier to use or with a larger collection than Pexels.  Simply put, you should know about this site.